ra vs rasort

Carter Bullard carter at qosient.com
Mon Aug 19 08:36:26 EDT 2002

Hey Andrew,
   Rather than using wc, racount() is the program of
choice to see if the programs are doing the right

   racount -r argus.log argus.log.1.gz
   rasort -w - -r argus.log argus.log.1.gz | racount

what happens in this case?

The problem is that rasort() does not process the internal
management records that argus generates.  These records are
there for integrity checking, how many records since the
last one, what's the next sequence number, how many flows
has the argi seen, what is the interface status.  If the argus
records are rearranged, then these records are pretty much
meaningless, so rasort() discards them.  That is probably
the source of your discrepancy.


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> Hi,
> should ra and rasort produce the same amount of output?
> I was just fiddling around with rasort and noticed that it's 
> not, i.e.:
> # ra -r argus.log argus.log.1.gz | wc -l
> 23259
> # rasort -r argus.log argus.log.1.gz | wc -l
> 22898
> ra = 2.0.2.alpha9
> rasort = 2.0.2.alpha9
> Andrew

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