argus-2.0.2.beta.7.tar.gz and argus-clients-2.0.2.alpha.11.tar.gz

Carter Bullard carter at
Wed Jul 25 15:08:05 EDT 2001

Gentle people,
   There are new releases of argus-2.0.2 code available.

This will be the last release of argus-2.0.2.beta.*, assuming
that there is not something hideously wrong.  Please give
this a test, as I would like to release argus-2.0.2 by Monday,
July 30!

These versions include all known bug fixes, and there
were just a few that came in.  A compiler problem where
argus clients couldn't parse a FQDN that had number'-'number
in it (it wanted to do the subtraction).  and there was a
parsing problem for really malformed TCP packets.

A major change is that these version have ./configure
support for building with SASL to get cryptographic support
for strong authentication and disclosure protection.
argus-clients will now build support for SASL automatically
if present.  You will have to explicitly indicate that you
want to build an argus with SASL, however.  In
argus-2-0.2.beta.7 run configure with:

   ./configure --with-sasl=yes

to include this support.  Once built and installed, if SASL
is not configured properly, clients will not be able to
connect to a SASL enabled argus.  If configured properly,
all ra* programs will prompt for account and password
information when accessing remote servers.  Argus clients
that do not have SASL support compiled in, will not be
able to attach. There is .rarc file support for supplying
authorization/account and password information.  You can
also supply this information on the command line with -U
option.  All of this is documented in the man pages and
in the ra.conf sample in ./support/Config directory. 

If you have any problems with this feature or have any
questions, please send mail!!!!


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