Worm attacks

Chris Newton newton at unb.ca
Mon Jul 23 09:41:31 EDT 2001

I saw massive quantities... but, anyone who has seen my previous posts will 
have expected the network I monitor to have seen lots of this. :)  
Unfortunatly, I dont think I have any left (my scripts automatically 
rotate/delete older logs).

  We had 10 machines infected, and they were touching approximatly 10,000 
external machines every few minutes.  The incoming barrage was even bigger.  
Quite fun.


>===== Original Message From <carter at qosient.com> =====
>Gentle people,
>   Did any one catch any worm traffic this past week?
>I'd love to see the first 64 bytes, if anyone has any
>logs.  I'm guessing that Argus would have been the only
>technology to automatically audited worm traffic from the
>last wave.
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