Argus 2.0.2-Beta 2 and FreeBSD

Olav Langeland Olav.Langeland at
Mon Jul 9 08:47:41 EDT 2001

From: Carter Bullard [mailto:carter at]
Sent: 9. juli 2001 14:31
To: 'Borja Marcos'
Cc: Argus
Subject: RE: Argus 2.0.2-Beta 2 and FreeBSD

>Hey Borja,
>   Hmmmmm, __LITTLE_ENDIAN and __BIG_ENDIAN
>are getting defined.  This of course isn't how its
>uppose to work.  Is everyone using FreeBSD having this
>problem?  The fix should be straight forward, but if
>there are other complications, .....
>   Is the argus-client-2.0.1.alpha.6 code compiling

I installed 2.0.1 on a FreeBDS 4.3 via ports, installed
without a glitch. Havent tried from a source installation

Olav Langeland

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