[argus-announce] argus-2.0.2 released

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Mon Aug 20 11:15:23 EDT 2001

Gentle people,
   Argus-2.0.2 is now released.  It should be considered to be stable on
Solaris, RedHat Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD.

   Argus-2.0.2 fixes a large number of bugs, in both the server and
client code, and so it should be considered a significant release.
Please see the ./ChangeLog for specific modifications to the code.

   Argus-2.0.2 has ./configure support to link argus with the SASL
libraries, in order to provide strong authentication and confidentiality
for remote access to argus data.  See the ./INSTALL file for
instructions on turning this valuable feature on. While argus-2.0.2
clients do compile under Cygwin, the SASL support is not there.

   Please do upgrade to argus-2.0.2.  As always, if you have any
comments/suggestions/opinions/reactions/whatever, please don't hesitate
to send mail!!!



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