Argus 2.0 Supported Languages

Carter Bullard carter at
Wed Jun 28 09:53:15 EDT 2000

Gentle people,
So the votes are starting to come in on OS platforms,
and it looks like Sun, Microsoft and some form of
Linux/xxxBSD are the primary OSes of interest.
Porting within the Unix fold is still a priority,
and so we'll need to continue to test in other
environments, such as SGI and HP.  There has been
a vote for Cisco IOS, and as soon as we can find a
compiler, we'll start the work ;o)

Now for the applications.

The problem space that Argus 1.8 can already fill
is huge, and because of this, the client support that we
currently have is useful, BUT it could be much
better (this is where better documentation will probably
have its biggest benefit).

On this line of thinking I see a need to support
Java based applications in Argus 2.0.  So, a set of Java
classes that know how to attach to an Argus and read
its data, and an Argus Record Class that has some
good methods, like printing them, compressing them,
processing them, seems like a good thing to develop.
We already have the basics in C, and the basics in Java
would be reasonable.

Is there any interest in this area?

Now to this end.  My proposal for supported languages
is C and Java, with contributed Perl scripts, but no
formal support, instead of C and C++.

Any comments/opinions?


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