Support OS'es for Argus 2.0

Carter Bullard carter at
Tue Jun 27 09:39:58 EDT 2000

Gentle people,
   I'm planning on supporting Argus 2.0 development
on a number of OS'es, primarily on Intel platforms
and I'd like to get opinions on what would be appropriate.

The list is, (based on my personal experience):
   Solaris 8 (this should cover the SPARC's as well?)
   Red Hat Linux
   Windows NT/2000

Any others that I should think about?  I'll
need to have separate CPU's per OS, so I do
want to keep it to less than 4 OS's.

I do have a request to investigate Argus on
an iMac, and I don't have any problems with that
as long as the port doesn't take tooooo long.
Again, opinions/comments/attitude are
requested/encouraged/sought ;o)

Ad  thanks  vance,


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