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Carter Bullard cbullard at nortelnetworks.com
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Hey Peter,
   Here's a copy of my mail from this morning.
The length of the options is limited so we
should be able to pick a minimum snap length
that will get us everything that we need, say
128 bytes, or 96 or something that makes sense.
This will make Argus a little more useful for
some QoS stuff as well.

   I'm interested in using Argus records to drive
tcpreplay along with something like udpreplay and
icmpreplay to replay an entire days worth of
network traffic.  Products like SmartBits do OK
simulating traffic, but with an Argus audit
trail, you could play back real traffic into test
networks, rather than simulated stuff.  This should
be pretty easy to do?


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Gentle people,
   My last day at Nortel Networks is this Friday.
With my new found freedom, I am starting a new
one person company, QoSient.   With a name like
QoSient, you can expect that I will be extending
Argus to measure and report metrics that will help
in determining application and network Quality
of Service (QoS).  This, of course, includes
security.  I personally consider security to be
a quality of service, but because network attacks
are focused on attacking quality functions more
and more, the use of Argus for network security
will continue to be a high priority for QoSient.

   I intend to keep Argus as an open-source
project, so that Argus data will be the best
possible, and to merge Argus with other
open-source projects, such as Ethereal, and
the Caida CoralReef tools, just to name a few.

   I will be taking a few weeks vacation, before
I start full-time on the next wave of Argus, which
officially begins July 10th, 2000.  I genuinely hope
that all of you will continue to be involved in
helping to make Argus important.

Best Regards!


carter at qosient.com

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