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Carter Bullard cbullard at
Tue Jun 13 08:44:40 EDT 2000

Gentle people,
   My last day at Nortel Networks is this Friday.
With my new found freedom, I am starting a new
one person company, QoSient.   With a name like
QoSient, you can expect that I will be extending
Argus to measure and report metrics that will help
in determining application and network Quality
of Service (QoS).  This, of course, includes
security.  I personally consider security to be
a quality of service, but because network attacks
are focused on attacking quality functions more
and more, the use of Argus for network security
will continue to be a high priority for QoSient.

   I intend to keep Argus as an open-source
project, so that Argus data will be the best
possible, and to merge Argus with other
open-source projects, such as Ethereal, and
the Caida CoralReef tools, just to name a few.

   I will be taking a few weeks vacation, before
I start full-time on the next wave of Argus, which
officially begins July 10th, 2000.  I genuinely hope
that all of you will continue to be involved in
helping to make Argus important.

Best Regards!


carter at

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