Argus Flow reversal with ECRs ??

Carter Bullard cbullard at
Tue Feb 15 19:48:24 EST 2000

Hey Russell,
   There hasn't been an official announcement.  I think
Mark just decided that it should be put out.  I can't blame
him, its been too long.  The documentation
is still in need of work.  I'm not sure where Mark has
put the release.  I believe that it is the general CMU
server, , yes that seems
to work.

   Please give it a try.  By the way, any idea what a
trojanized host will do if it gets an ECR packet?  I can't
get anyone to tell me what I should expect.


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> Hi Carter,
> 	  where has the source moved to?  It would appear that I have 
> somehow missed the 1.8 announcement.  I did see some mail 
> from Peter or 
> Mark to some other list saying that 1.8 was officially out and giving 
> the new site.  Now I can't find it.  sigh...
> I'll install the official release and have another play with dds to 
> reporduce the 'problem'.  This time I'll capture the packets.
> Russell.
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