Memory Problems in Argus-1.8

Carter Bullard cbullard at
Fri Apr 7 10:48:00 EDT 2000

   Hmmm, well this wasn't the intended result.
The approach is for the clients to automatically
close the socket when they see an argus management
CLOSE record.  Argus has always sent this message,
but the clients did not take any action on them.
This is why 1.8.1 version ra() is important to
this strategy.  The other part of the strategy, is
for argus() to get into a loop, waiting for the
client sockets to close, and then it exits.

   As it was working once, I'm sure we can get it
working again ;o)


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> Hi
> I have just had a quick look at the 1.8.1 argus_dlpi.
> If I kill the remote ra and then argus I can re-start it instantly.
> If I kill the argus daemon then no matter whether I kill ra 
> or leave it
> running I have to wait for the socket to time out before argus can
> start and re-bind the same port.
> The latter mode also has problems if I use the 1.8 ra rather 
> than 1.8.1
> ra - if I use CTRL-C I have do do it twice before it dies and it does
> not go quietly if I use kill -HUP - the man records are output but it
> still runs -
> so 2 CTRL-C or 2 HUPs to get it to go away.
> with 1.8.1 ra and argus 1 HUP is enough but I still get the TIME_WAIT
> problem.
> This on Solaris 2.6 (Ultra 1) test box, not main logger.
> Can you reproduce this? Not a major problem since killing the ra
> listener and then HUP argus is neat and clean. Many thanks!
> (Don't suppose you know the ndd -set incantation to reduce the
> TIME_WAIT parameter before cleanup?  tcp_close_wait_interval ?)
> Neil
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