Time stamps in argus records

Russell Fulton r.fulton at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Sep 23 00:23:30 EDT 1999

HI All,
	A quick query about the argus time stamps: I had assumed that 
for tcp traffic the start time was the start time for the session as a 
whole but on examining real output from ra I see I am clearly mistaken.

So, what are the start and last times?  Presumably the times for this 
particular argus record.

I was looking for a way of detecting long running tcp sessions without 
going to the bother of maintaining state info in the script which 
postprocessed the ra output.  I thought, that's easy just use -g but 
the longest time I got was aprox 2 minute.  Then I had a look at the ra 
times for the sessions and realised they incremented each record. 



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