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Tue Jun 1 14:49:10 EDT 1999

   So you want CIDR address support.  You would want to
be able to specify:


where nn is the number of bits in the mask.  Hmmmm, that
is a bit of a challenge, but not an impossibility, given
the yacc and lex code that we currently have.  I'll see
what I can do.


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...on Tue, Jun 01, 1999 at 11:50:30AM -0400, Carter Bullard wrote:

 > or tomorrow.  We already support the 'net' keyword, so
 > you can say statements like:
 >    ra -nr filename src net 128.64
 > so that may satify your needs.

Actually, I was thinking of smaller aggregations... At the place where I 
work, we have lots of small subnets (with for example /28 oder /30 prefixes) 
on our LAN, and I don't know whether there is an easy way to tell ra 
to report data just for a subnet a la

It's no problem to specify 2 or 6 hosts directly with host xxx or host yyy 
etc., but then it gets annoying...

A. Bochmann


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